Aug 22, 2023 4 min read

$100M Leads Book by Alex Hormozi (Webinar Replay) and special gift.

Alex Hormozi's $100M Leads books are officially RELEASED. For those that missed the live webinar, here it is, plus a special gift he gave to the audience that attended.

$100M Leads Book by Alex Hormozi (Webinar Replay) and special gift.
$100M Leads Sneak Preview
Alex Hormozi Webinar Replay

I like to share and pay things forward. There are certain mentors in my life that I resonate with, based on their values and the way they go about their business.

  1. They Walk Their Talk
  2. They do it, before sharing it
  3. Once they have done it, they give it all away
  4. This builds trust and real value, that is more than money

I also like to tune my audience into anything that is helping me have a bigger impact. A lot of you may or may not have read about my story and what got me here. But there were a lot of mentors that I paid to deliver an outcome, only to find that (a) they hadn't done it themselves and (b) they couldn't deliver or know how to deliver on their mafia promises. One guy, as an example, I paid 15k for 12 months of mentorship to make 100k in my business, or he would give me my money back. Three months into the mentorship he went on holiday with his partner for 3 months and told me it was a "done with, not a done for process". Awesome NLP strategy, right?

The point is that I will only be sharing the right people with you. What you do with the information is up to you. Abundance is everywhere and anything is possible. Take the principles and apply them to your own life, business, or desired impact.

4 Strategies for 100M Leads

From Alex ( FREE VALUE and Book)

The 100M Journal (download)

Also, I'll shine a light on his work. Many of Alex's courses are free. Why? well, he understands what many don't.

Many of you may have seen the 1k challenge I launched for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. It was my way of sharing everything I had learned in 10 years to build 7 figures businesses, accumulate over 40 million in sales for a partnered business, writes a best-selling Amazon book and self-publishing, building a retreat space in Bali with zero capital upfront. All of it, thanks to principles that were shared with me along the way, that I simply applied in the context of my own life and passions.

This is what we do. Join the vibe and pay it forward. Let's All win together. There is enough for everyone and I can't be passionate about everything, so we need to pick a lane and have an exponential impact leading from our own hearts. I'll support you in the same way, I could only hope that you support me,

$100M Leads books are officially RELEASED: Use this link to get yours now (before they run out): Ps - I've spent 4 years working on a surprise I'm revealing live that I'm giving to EVERYONE who's live with me. I cant tell you what it is, but it's more than a gift card, and less than a Tesla, and everyone with me live gets one...register! -- WE'RE BUYING! $1M-10M EBITDA Founders - We invest and help you scale faster. To find out more, apply here: We invest in everything from youtube channels to local businesses to IT services. For everyone else, I make my money buying and growing businesses. I make this free content with the hopes you use it to grow your business enough to partner with us.

How can I help? I work with every day people, health professionals, coaches & enterprises that are committed to sustainable lifestyles; good health, happiness, connection & enabling environments
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