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Ultimately the character we are in our own life play is determined by our embodied patterns of behavior. Not what we say, or how we act and react to any moment. It's what we repeatedly do.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” Douglas Adams, humorist and author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide series


Have you ever pondered the term human "being". Being refers to our mere "existence" and "presence'. It can also be described as 'the nature or essence of a person". Who are in any given moment or state of time.

Now if we consider a "state of being", what does that refer to? Josh Kaufman explains that "The State of Being is a quality of your present experience". The word quality is important. What is the quality of your current experience?

Are you in a state of mind, overthinking, procrastinating, analyzing, and contemplating?

Are you in a state of feeling it all? Tuned out of our busy minds and focused on your heart. Guided by your emotions, more than your rational mind.

Are you or trusting and listening to your gut instinct and intuition? Letting it guide you into the unknown.

Are you in a state of action or embodied self-mastery? Distracting your mind with daily motion and negating any negative emotions, by finally moving towards the destination you always wanted to journey towards?

Are you in a state of surrender, acceptance, and love? Letting your soul's purpose guide you back home to a sense of unified wholeness. Which then flows into your heart as compassion and empathy. It whispers to your intuition to guide the mind. And, the mind starts to operate, express, and act from the whispers it hears, the intuition it trusts, and the feelings we allow to flow through?


If we want to move from a sense of deep alignment; listening to the whispers of our soul, the intuition or our gut, the love/empathy in our heart. We need to first silence the mind, be in an environment that allows us to tune in and not be distracted. Only then can we hear the inner voice over the noise and act accordingly. Becoming the character in our own life play. The person we were always born to be.

  1. The Passive Being
  2. The Chameleon being
  3. The Thinking Being
  4. The Feeling Being
  5. The Action Being
  6. The Expressive Being
  7. The Embodied Being
  8. The Intuitive Being
  9. The Soulful Being

The Passive Being:

A being that is asleep at the wheel, unaware of who they are, why they are here, what they are passionate about or what lights their soul on fire. Simply being, without driving your own human experience. A passenger to the puppeteers. A pawn, an actor, a character in someone else's play

The Chameleon Being:

Who we are taught to be, learn to be or accepted as being based on social, cultural, geographical and systemic constructs. The masks we wear, the chameleon suits with adopt to mimic others and be loved and liked  as a version of yourself that others accept you as being.

The Thinking Being:

I think therefore I am. I am not who you think me to be, you are what you think me to be.

The Feeling Being:

Who we are when we are alone, alone. The shadows, the insecurities, the guilt, the shame, the flaws. The love, the acceptance and even the gratitude we hold for ourselves.

The Expressive Being:

Who we tell the world we are. The narratives we share, the images we portray. Our identity; the illusion, the truth and  the transparency

The Action Being:

Who we are at any given moment. How we act and react to any life circumstances. A complex interaction of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and primal instincts for safety, security and comfort.

The Embodied Being:

We are what we repeatedly do, not what we think or say we are. Our unconscious mind dictates our ultimate truth. Our character is defined by our patterns of behaviour.

The Intuitive Being:

A deep sense of 'knowing" who we truly are. Our gut instinct. Our intuition. Minus who we have learnt, told or accepted as being.

Your intuition will guide you for big decisions. It defies a logical, rational mind. It sees patterns from past experiences. Even experiences that you have not yet explored for yourself. It guides you when to lean in and lean out. Ignore it at your own peril, but be able to distinguish the true "gut instinct". A deep sense of knowing versus the gut-wrenching anxiety created by the mind and felt in the gut. Anxiety is fear-based driven by your pre-reptilian brain's desire for safety, security, and comfort from the unknown. Your true gut instinct will guide you into the unknown, off the well-worn path, and onto your own.

The Soulful Being:

Who we are when we look up at the stars. Where the illusion of self dissolves and we return home to sense of unity with the whole. Never seperate, never alone. Always connected to the divine source of it all.


Intuitive <> Thinking <> Feeling Being:

Listen to your gut instinct. Learn to not second guess it. Second-guessing it is overthinking. It is the mind's way of hijacking and rationalizing your intuition. Go with the first thing your gut instinct instructs your mind to think/do. It's rarely wrong. But know the difference between the subconscious pre-reptilian brain that seeks safety, security, and comfort or the emotional brain (limbic system) that may respond with a feeling of anxiety that can appear to be a gut instinct. It's fear, not intuition. It's important to feel the difference.

Soulful <> Intuitive <> Feeling  Being;

Intuition is the whisper of the Soul. When you listen to your soul's desires, your intuition and lead in action from your heart. You can rarely make a wrong decision.

Passive <> Thinking Being;

The environments we grew up in and live in. Have been programming our subconscious mind since the day we are born. We have learned who we are, based on who others taught, accepted, or conditioned us to be. The first step in breaking free from being a passenger in your own life is to wake up from your sleep walk in self-awareness. As you start to question with curiosity why, what, when who, and how you can be the driver of your own human experience.

Feeling <> Thinking  <> Intuitive Being;

In the age of information, we are overwhelmed with sensory input, expressed ideas, subliminal messaging, ideological subversion, and images of what success in life is meant to be. When we disconnect from the mind and we start to feel more and suppress less. We can start to illuminate our shadow self, insecurities, learned conditioning, and subconscious drivers of our own behaviors. The simplicity is to find a way to silence the busy mind with meditation, being alone or new experiences in nature, that give you space away from the overwhelming information. So that you can have the opportunity to feel more, suppress less, tune into the whispers of the soul, the intuition of our gut, and disconnect from the noise. So that we can finally feel, listen, think and act for ourselves.

Action < Feeling > Emnodied Being

Ultimately the character we are in our own life play is determined by our embodied patterns of behavior. Not what we say, or how we act and react to any moment. It's what we repeatedly do. Embodied, aligned, and consistent action in a particular direction will always speak louder than any words, opinions or projections of what other people have decided you as being. Embodied action in silence is powerful. Show the world who you are, without having to express and tell them.

Call To Action (ONE)

Take a day this week to be alone, alone. Put yourself in an environment that promotes happiness, peace, and calmness. You know the place. Whilst there, turn off your mobile devices and disconnect from the external reality for just a moment.

As you sit in this "state of being'. Notice, witness, and listen. See if you can hear the whispers of the soul, the intuition of your gut, and feel it all flow through you. Notice which of these biases are driving your life & how you can use them for good.

50 Cognitive Biases
Take a journal, and write it all down as the timing feels right.
If you are courageous enough, share what you self-realized in the comments.

Even just one realization will do. It may just inspire another to do it for themselves.


With all our REFERENCES We have done our best to reference everyone’s expert opinions, peer-reviewed science, and original thoughts, HIGHLIGHTED IN THE TEXT.  So that you can go direct to the source as you read.

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