Rory is an author, speaker, health futurist, digital nomad, and Allied Health professional based in Bali, ‘The Island of the Gods.’ He takes a “big picture” approach to good health and well-being and has a passion for helping people ignite their human potential and optimise this once in a lifetime human experience.

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I want to be a reminder and an empowering relfection that we have never needed to be fixed. Simply Nourished. We can all fill our own cup each day, serve from abundant overflow. Living a legacy and creating a ripple effect of positive change in this generation for future generations. Planting seeds for trees that we may never sit under. All whilst remembering that we all deserve to be filled in the same way we pour over the jounrey. The future is in the WE, not just the indiviudal "ME's'. We can thrive together or sruvive alone. The chocies is ours. I've made my choice, what about you?

As an allied health professional with a Bachelors and Master’s degree, Rory had extracted DNA onto a stick (life’s blueprint), dissected human bodies that were riddled with uncontrolled cell growths (cancers) and even worked with athletes helping them perform at the highest level in their field. At 26, after working 100 hours a week in service of others, he was forced to pause, take a breath and earn his own health and wellbeing back.

As a result of his own personal endeavour and breakthroughs, Rory created as a platform to help people help themselves, reminding everyone that our human vessels have the amazing innate wisdom to thrive, not just survive.

By empowering people to go first, he hopes to inspire them to influence their proximity of family and friends. He believes that if we each had the courage to go first and impact our local community, together, we could create a ripple effect that changes the world.

Our Innate Wisdom to Thrive

Rory’s Selfcare initiative gives every individual access to modern frameworks and allied communities that empowers every person to live in a state of good health and wellbeing, irrespective of birthright.

Selfcare:  Rory inspires and motivates every individual to move up what he calls ‘the integrated health and wellbeing spectrum’; Reminding people that they have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished, empowered and enabled through powerful environments and communities.

Social Impact: Rory helps the audience see how they can be the ones to create a ripple effect of change, starting in their own community. One person can make a difference.

Global Blue Zones: Rory envisions a world where people live with ease beyond the age of 85 without the burden of chronic & preventable diseases towards ‘Bluezones’, as coined by Dan Buettner.  He conveys the idea that we can be nourished by healthy environments and connected as communities so that we can thrive together, connected as one.

Shared and Circular Economies: Through his presentation, Rory conveys the idea of the Future Economies where time and supporting nature, “our life support system” will become our most valuable resources.

To keep in contact, join the journey and reach out to me personally; You will find me here:

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