Rory Callaghan

How can I help? I work with every day people, health professionals, coaches & enterprises that are committed to sustainable lifestyles; good health, happiness, connection & enabling environments
41 posts
The Shadow Self public
SELFCARE 7 min read

The Shadow Self

The shadow side of human nature was popularized by psychiatrist Carl Jung who emphasized that the shadow self is the parts of ourselves we reject, deny, repress, or ignore.…
Rory Callaghan
11 Habits of truly successful CEOs public
BUSINESS 7 min read

11 Habits of truly successful CEOs

Before modelling the success or paths of successful leaders and individuals. Ask yourself whether you would trade places with them. We all define success differently. Here are 11 habits and principles, but please create your own.…
Rory Callaghan
The Human Farm 2022 public
BUSINESS 20 min read

The Human Farm 2022

How to know if you are in a war? It can be a direct war, physically fighting. Like we see today in Ukraine and Russia. But for the most part, we fight an indirect war. One of consciousness and beliefs.…
Rory Callaghan
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