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I hope this helps you start your own kick-ass blog and gives you a platform to express yourself fully with the world. With tools, templates, and strategies that cost you less than ten dollars a month.


If you are at the stage where you want to start expressing yourself and sharing all the wisdom you have learned and embodied. Or you simply want to create a space to start curating a space for your own curiosity and self-awareness. Then this is how you do it, simply. I'll save you lots of time, energy, money, and resources.

There are 4 steps in any heroes journey

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Mastery
  3. Self Expression
  4. Impact

The first thing to do is to set up a NOTION, so that you can start to organise your thoughts in one place. It's mobile too, which means you can capture those moments of inspiration as they come up.  You can copy and past this template and write with the structure to your heart's content.

The best way to start writing blogs is to set up a ghost website. There are many reasons for this and I can show you in the membership area how to do it step by step. But for now, just get started. I was able to set this up in one day. After spending a year and wasting thousands of dollars using WordPress, plugins, active campaigns, click funnels, CRMS, and other complex tech tools. You can start a blog for less than $9 a month, integrate it with Cloudflare, personalize it to your own domain using Hover, and simply start expressing yourself the next day.

9 steps to creating a kick-ass blog

  1. Image
  2. Titles
  3. Quote
  4. Story
  5. One Key Message
  6. 6 key statements
  7. Summarise key message
  8. Call to action
  9. References


The best way to create captivating images is to use your own creativinty. Leverage platforms like canva and unsplash stock images to get started

8 steps to creating epic TITLE'S

  1. Grab attention with vivid and descriptive language.
  2. Ask a question to spark curiosity.
  3. Make a promise (and keep it).
  4. Write stimulating titles while avoiding clickbait clichés.
  5. Use numbers wisely.
  6. Incorporate SEO keywords naturally.
  7. Be Concise
  8. Captivate a target audience "niche"


Using credible quotes and referencing the direct source is important. Firstly, because it's nice to honor the original creators and secondly it builds trust with your audience. Use quote investigator if you are unsure. Goodreads and blinkist are great tools to help you find what you are looking for.


The classic storytelling formula of Introduction- Action-Result.

Three-Act Structure

  1. Setup — Set the scene and introduce the character(s)
  2. Confrontation or “Rising action” — Present a problem and build up the tension
  3. Resolution — Resolve the problem

Here are 11 other formulas to play around with. Find what works for you.

Why her? She has loyal 30-million-strong following, Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most sought-after motivational speakers and serial best-selling authors to date.

The art of story telling with Lisa nichols is my go to here

Every single thing you touch is impacted by your story.— Lisa Nichols

How can you actually move people with your story?

In this video, Lisa Nichols shares how “showing your story” rather than just “telling” it can help you improve every aspect of your life — both professionally and personally.


Effective key messages are: Concise: Focus on three to five key messages per topic;

How do you create key messages? Ideally, developing key messages should be done through a three-phase process:

Phase 1: Brainstorm key message concepts with internal stakeholders.

Phase 2: Refine draft key messages.

Phase 3: Test, finalize, and routinely update key messages.


The purpose of a good opening line is to engage the reader and get them to start reading the book. That’s it.

Here are some easy words to use as sentence starters . However creating disruptive sentences are more compelling to the reader.

Examples of Great First Sentences (And How They Did It)

  • Revealing Personal Information. “School was hard for me, for lots of reasons.”
  • Mirroring the Reader's Pain. ...
  • Asking the Reader a Question. ...
  • Shock the Reader. ...
  • Intrigue the Reader. ...
  • Lead with a Bold Claim. ...
  • Be Empathetic and Honest. ...
  • Invite the Reader In.


Without doing an expensive course in NLP. You can learn by doing, to create captivating story loops that every expert copywriter uses on you.

To see how an open-loop can create credibility, entice curiosity, and stimulate the need to know more, take a look at this example.

  1. Statement 1 - OPEN LOOP
  2. Statement 2 - OPEN LOOP
  3. Statement 3 - OPEN LOOP


  1. Statement 3 - CLOSE LOOP
  2. Statement 2 - CLOSE LOOP
  3. Statement 1 - CLOE LOOP


With a great summary, you can condense a range of information, giving readers an aggregation of the most important parts of what they’re about to read (or in some cases, see). A well-written summary provides a basic understanding of a piece of literature, media, or history. Learn more about how to write an effective summary for an established work.

4 Tips for Writing a Good Summary

  1. Find the main idea. A useful summary distills the source material down to its most important point to inform the reader. ...
  2. Keep it brief. A summary is not a rewrite—it's a short summation of the original piece. ...
  3. Write without judgment. ...
  4. Make sure it flows.


Think about all the times you've signed up for things in your life. Did you once download Evernote? Dropbox? Spotify? Maybe you've even taken a class on General Assembly. Each one of these signups is likely a result of an effective call-to-action (CTA).

However, your call to action can also be a call to an embodiment. Getting the reader to move from the thinking dynamic to the action dynamic. If they take on your recommendation and it improves their life. You might just find that they recommend you to others, free of charge. The shared economy is a powerful tool, providing you give real life and applicable value to peoples lives

Here are some examples

Hook, Line, and Sinker: 7 Tips for a Killer Call-to-Action

11 Kick-Ass Call to Action Examples (And Why They Work)

15 Call To Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA)

40 examples of CTA if marketing a product or service


We have done our best to reference everyone’s expert opinions, peer-reviewed science, and original thoughts, HIGHLIGHTED IN THE TEXT.  

We also understand that most thoughts are not our own and there is a collective unconsciousness, unconsciousness, and universal mind stream of energy that is always at work.  How are references are sorted and filtered is here.

Here is an example



"6 ways to lose weight without spending a cent"


'"You are not simply the sum total of the genes you were born with,""You are the user and controller of your genes, the author of your biological story. No prospect in self-care is more exciting." - Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi.


Create a disruptive nut truthful statement. Eg. Everything we know about Weight loss is backawards. we know this because the burden of obesity is increasing globally, rather than decreasing.


Losing weight is less about restricting diets and exercise. It is more about sustainable lifestyle changes, emotional drivers, and mastering your morning rituals. Winning one day at a time. Knowing that in 12 months 85% of the ells in your body can regenerate, if we ignite the innate wisdom of our epigenetics through consistent daily action

STORY - 7 Simple Ways to Tell a Compelling Story

  1. Keep your focus on the audience. ...
  2. Have a single message. ...
  3. Structure your story. ...
  4. Create characters. ...
  5. Include the facts. ...
  6. Develop dramatic tension.

Eg, A patient of mine Jan came to see me as a physiotherapy client. Her orthopaedic surgeon had told her that he wouldn't perform the two total knee replacement procedures until she lost 20kg. She had a life long vision to trek Macchu Pichu with her husband but was scared that this would never be possible.


Over the next 6 months, we did XYZ

Problem - solution

She was working 80 hours a week as a teacher. So our first step was to free up her time, but get her workplace to hire an assistant and have her commit to her 40 hours paid work schedule. It freed up 40 hours to focus on herself

Problem - solution

We knew that 80% of her weight was associated with her fuel intake and nutrition. However, her poor eating habits were driven by stress, emotion, and boredom. Once we fixed step one was able to move her to a mostly plant-based eating regime with 2 days of 16-hour intermittent fasting. She lost6 kgs in the first month and 20ks in the following 3 months.

Problem - solution

Because of her knee pain, she couldn't walk more than 100 meters without having to rest. So rather than loading her up with exercise, we started in a low-impact environment. We started with hydrotherapy classes, swimming, and bike riding as a starting point. Making sure she did it in classes so that she had some human connection and accountability. Plus she had fun meeting new people and grabbing a juice afteer.


Driven by her end goal, she sent me a photo from the top of Machu Pichu with her husband. She walked over 85km with no pain, 25 kgs lighter, happier and healthier.  The bonus part of this story is that she never had to go under the knife. Who could have known that some simple lifestyle changes, the correct guidance, support, and an internal driver to do the work just 1% per day. Could have resulted in this outcome.  turns out 85% was within her contorl. She just needed to know where to start and why it was important to her to make the change.


Would you be willing to try this approach?

If yes, DECIDE WHY it is important to make this change and share it in the comments below


We have done our best to reference everyone’s expert opinions, peer-reviewed science, and original thoughts, HIGHLIGHTED IN THE TEXT.  

We also understand that most thoughts are not our own and there is a collective unconsciousness, unconsciousness, and universal mind stream of energy that is always at work.  How are references are sorted and filtered is here.


I hope this helps you start your own kick-ass blog and gives you a platform to express yourself fully with the world.

Our call to action is simple. If it helps you start a blog or refine what you have. Share a link to it in the comments. Let's support and magnify each other.

If you need more guidance in the HOW TO's,  I will be creating step-by-step guides in the membership area. Feel free to join and explore at your own leisure. Get what you need and you can cancel any time. OR feel free to subscribe to my free weekly newsletter to get more information like this, as I curate it and express my passions with the world.

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