Rory Callaghan Contact

Rory Callaghan Contact

Social media is a double-edged sword. Personally, I had a love/hate relationship with it, until I realized that I could choose who I followed and the consciousness I surrounded myself with every day.

Mental health reports share that spending more than 2 hours a day in this virtual reality can be detrimental to our wellbeing. However, when used with the right intention it can also be an expanded consciousness for new ideas and inspiring stories. Here are some great apps to help you use social media wisely so that you can look up, smile, and enjoy the abundant reality in front of you.

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Quick Catch - Rory Callaghan - Lifestyle Medicine
Hey!This link is for a quick catch up, discovery call or business discussions; partnerships & collaborations.As you may know, I am on the move living and serving from a nomadic lifestyle. This is the easiest way to catch me. Find a time that works for you too.Please follow the instructions to

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Twitter @rorykc "Thoughts"

Follow me here for curated consciousness and updates on the evolving journey of building the Selfcare. global ecosystem

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Follow me here for behind the scenes transparency into my journey, lifestyle, thoughts and shared moments.

Blog - SelfCare & Lifestyle Medicine

This blog is an extension of the SelfCare book and ecosystem. It is a collaboration and curation of Lifestyle tools to empower your own personal journey.

Selfcare Home - Integrating Health & Wellness
At Selfcare Global our mission is to remind people that they have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished. Let’s co-create our revolution.

Podcast - SelfCare & Lifestyle Medicine

I travel the world interviewing some of the smartest minds and highest performing humans. Tune into their shared wisdom. There are also podcasts that I have been featured on that explore the depth of my story from multiple angles oo. Enjoy!  

SelfCare Podcast - Lifestyle Medicine
Throughout my travels, I have found myself in the proximity of some amazing souls with beautiful stories. So, I decided to share their wisdom.

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Here I share interviews, speaking gigs, courses, stories and everything else in between.

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