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Who is Rory Callaghan? For those that don't know me: a quick introduction

Who is Rory Callaghan? For those that don't know me: a quick introduction

If you were to read my professional bio somewhere, It would go a little something like this...

Rory Callaghan is an author, speaker, health futurist, digital nomad, and Allied Health professional with an integrated tool belt, based in Bali, ‘The Island of the Gods.’ He takes a “big picture” approach to good health and well-being, functional medicine and has a passion for helping people ignite their human potential; Reminding people that they have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished, supported, and empowered by mentors that show us where to look, without ever telling us what to see.

However, If I was to describe myself, it would be through what I do, where I spend most of my time, in the way that I treat others and nature. It is in my actions, not my words. This will be my character.

For those that don't know me, I grew up in Fremantle, a small town in the southwest of Australia, near Perth. This place will always be home for me. I am lucky to have friends from here that I have maintained relationships with for over 20 years and some even 30 years. Connection is important to me. Family is important to me, but it goes beyond blood. I have met strangers with better intentions for me, than people I have known my entire life. These people are my soul family. You all are. We are one big global family, that is more the same than we are different.

I have a deep sense of wanderlust, the desire to travel explore, and optimize this once-in-a-lifetime human experience. The ocean has always been my home and I have always had an affinity with water. This lead me to move to Indonesia, a place with over 16,000 Islands and some of the best surf breaks in the world.

Being connected and in flow with nature through surfing, kite surfing, diving, and other mediums has become my daily meditation and distraction from the world's busy-ness and noise. It grounds me and connects me with kindred souls who have similar passions. Some of my greatest opportunities have come synchronously into my life, whilst doing what I love.

I grew up with a single mother and father who suffered from mental health challenges. My mum is my rock and my dad, who is a talented artist, taught me compassion and empathy on its deepest level. They are the reason why I look to help others along this amazing journey. They helped me realize the privilege of my birthright and to simply see and treat others in a way that I could only hope to be treated. It helped me realize that everyone is going through their own challenges in their own way and if we can't help them, then at least be kind.

As an allied health professional with a Bachelors's and Master’s degree, I had extracted DNA onto a stick (life’s blueprint), dissected human bodies that were riddled with uncontrolled cell growths (cancers) and even worked with athletes helping them perform at the highest level in their field. At 26, after working 100 hours a week in service of others, he was forced to pause, take a breath and earn his own health and wellbeing back.

As a result of my own personal endeavor and breakthroughs, I created www.selfcare.global as a platform to help people help themselves, reminding everyone that our human vessels have the amazing innate wisdom to thrive, not just survive.

By empowering people to go first, I simply hope to inspire them to influence their proximity of family and friends. I believe that if we each had the courage to go first and impact our local community, together, we could create a ripple effect that changes the world.

Our Innate Wisdom to Thrive

The Selfcare "lifestyle medicine" initiative gives every individual access to modern frameworks and allied communities that empowers every person to live in a state of good health and wellbeing, irrespective of birthright. I will be giving all of this away for free here on this page.

HIT SUBSCRIBE and I will give you everything that has helped me along the way.

Selfcare:  I hope to inspire and motivate every individual to move up what he calls ‘the integrated health and wellbeing spectrum’; Reminding people that they have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished, empowered and enabled through powerful environments and communities. Before they get desperate.

Social Impact: I love to help people see how they can be the ones to create a ripple effect of change, starting in their own community. One person can make a difference. Starting internally and then impacting our external reality.

Global Blue Zones: I envision a world where people live with ease beyond the age of 85 without the burden of chronic & preventable diseases towards ‘Bluezones’, as coined by Dan Buettner.  I hope to curate consciousness and convey the idea that we can be nourished by healthy environments and connected as communities so that we can thrive together, connected as one.

Shared and Circular Economies: I believe in the idea of the future Economies where time and supporting nature, “our life support system” will become our most valuable resources. Sharing and circulating resources, whilst leveraging decentralized, autonomous, and enabling systems that are positively geared, or at least zero-sum, not negative sum. As an example, we have created systems that have led to the 6th mass extinction in the last 40 years! Most of us consume at a rate that would require 2-5 earths to sustain us! Many of us live in scarcity, whilst the world debt clock starts to surpass 66 trillion dollars! We need new and positively geared systems that are good for you, good for your family, good for my family, good for global economies, good for nature, and good for future generations. Let's plant metaphorical trees and real ones, that we may never sit under. Only then will we truly understand what life is really about.

What type of human experience would you like to live?

What type of character do you want to be in your own life play?

What type of world would you like to hand over to future generations?

What is your living legacy?

These are questions that continually run through my mind. And questions that I would like to share with you.

Nice to E-meet you!

Big Love


If you would like to LEARN MORE :)

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Social media is a double-edged sword. Personally, I had a love/hate relationship with it, until I realised that I could choose who I followed and the consciousness I surrounded myself with every day.

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How can I help? I work with every day people, health professionals, coaches & enterprises that are committed to sustainable lifestyles; good health, happiness, connection & enabling environments
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