Paul Dunn has been an instrumental advisor and mentor, helping bring the project to the world. This post is a small celebration of the ripple effects he creates by empowering others.

For those that might not know Paul Dunn, he has been an instrumental mentor in my life and this whole SelfCare project. An empowering mentor that has always shown me where to look, without ever telling me what to see.

I was fortunate to "synchronously (if you believe in divine intervention) meet Paul, whilst facilitating Entrepreneur retreats in Bali.

As a young man, I was well aware that I had many blind spots that would stop or self sabotage me from giving this passion to the world. It's the reason why I decided to facilitate entrepreneurs on their journey. Knowing that every business and founder I met, would teach me something that would help me bring this vision to life. Proximity is power, right?

I fell in love with the vision that he and his wife Masami had created for the world. today, they have created a conscious business and social impact platform, BUY1GIVE1, that has helped co-create over 266 million giving impacts. Delivering over 8 million meals globally, planting nearly half a million trees, providing 14 million days of education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and a whole list more.

PAULS words on the SelfCare book that will be hitting your hands in 2022...

"Sometimes, you meet people who “hit” you right away. Not a “hit” in a slap-your face or punch kind of way, but “hit” as in impact. Pow!

Rory Callaghan does that. From the first moment you meet him, it’s clear; that he is a person with purpose, on purpose and committed to making something great happen. And you also get that, in the words of Imagine Dragon’s 2018 hit song, he will do “whatever it takes” to make it happen.

He is positive, hopeful and a born optimist determined to show that we can all thrive in harmony together.

He lives what he believes in, which is, that one person can make a difference, and together we can make the world work for all of us,

Not just for some of us.

He perseveres. He checks and double-checks. When others (like me, for example) would tend to say, “OK…Let’s get it out,” Rory would go back and ensure that all the pieces are in place first .... if he energetically knows when the time is right to give this to the world. In all "the pandemonia", it seems like a great time to be reminded of our innate wisdom.

Rory wants to ensure that no reader is left up in the air not knowing what to do next or where to go in order to be empowered to follow their ideal path, lifestyle, and day. And as you’ll discover, he’s done that magnificently.

We’re surrounded by increasing levels of disease—almost 100% of it caused by the lifestyle choices we make individually and collectively.

Rory gives us new paths to follow; paths grounded in the wonder of wisdom. As he’ll show you, our bodies can do amazing things when we give them precisely the right building blocks and environments in which to thrive.

Selfcare shows everyone the path to better living, but it’s also clear that it depends…on self. And each other.

This book is a critical reminder, it gives you back the keys and empowers you to be the driver of your own human experience.

Go for it! Just take one simple step, then another. Rory’s done some great work

to show you the way. And you’ll be doing some great and important work when

you follow it too.

Paul Dunn, Chairman of

Creating a world full of giving—220 million impacts and

counting—“for us, for us, for us.”

To get updates on the book launch, click here

Social Impact is a big part of what we believe. As such, I have partnered with Paul and Masami since the day I met them. is a business for good. Every time you do something to nourish yourself or others, we create a giving impact on your behalf.

Our live impact meter is below. Help us get to 100,000 impacts, then 1million, 100 million, and the rising billions!

EVERY TIME SOMEONE JOINS OUR COMMUNITY, SOMETHING GREAT HAPPENS IN THE WORLDOur Why“The Rising Billions” Our 100-year vision and living legacy Is to simply remind people that they have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished. Our intention is to help co-create environments and empower systems tha…


In 2007, B1G1 started with a simple idea: “What if every business could make a difference in their own way, just by doing what they normally do?” With more than a decade of work, this simple idea has now become a global movement.

The B1G1 Story

Who is Paul Really?

Well firstly, here is a snapshot of his mind and heart on paper.

Paul Dunn's Vision

On paper, he is a Renowned business leader and mentor that

  • Travels the world educating business leaders about B1G1
  • Excels in helping businesses improve their operations
  • Expert in building up those around him

Here are some Soulful questions ...

That will help you feel who he really is and why I chose to have him as an instrumental mentor in bringing this vision to life....Someone's whose character I admire more than most.

What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

Remember we all are one, add value to others in every moment and have fun doing it.

Paul Dunn gets hands-on with some beautiful women in Africa.

What motivates you? Makes you happy?

Doing all I can to learn more/cuddling my wife

What does sustainability mean for you?

It’s the only way I can leave a legacy that lasts

What are your Top 3 achievements?

Creating some extraordinary companies
Co-creating B1G1: Business for Good
Continuing to live actively this long

What was the most important event/influence that changed your perspective?

Meeting my wife

If you could make 1 global change – what would it be?

Perhaps surprisingly, I’d get countries to model Singapore.

What is your message that you love to share with the world?

The power of small... multiplied by the many.

Connect with Paul Dunn

(Business for Good Master)  ✈ B1G1 Co-Founder ♠ TEDx Speaker ♠ Master Presenter ♠ Chief Story-Teller at CLARITY ♠ Mentor Global Entrepreneurs ♠ Host: Global Impact Summit ✈

The Power of Small - Sideshift
How can I help? I work with every day people, health professionals, coaches & enterprises that are committed to sustainable lifestyles; good health, happiness, connection & enabling environments

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