This is a no-guru experience. We believe and want to remind you of a simple truth; You are your best guru and SelfCare doctor. You will learn through the experience of doing and being.

Reset, Reboot & Recharge with Rory Callaghan + many special guests

You have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished.

We understand something that modern medicine seems to have forgotten:

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”  Alexander Den Heijer.


This is a no-guru experience.

We believe and want to remind you of a simple truth; You are your best guru and SelfCare doctor. You will learn through the experience of doing and being. Not just long lectures, workshops and tools that are not applicable to your unique life and human experience. Ultimately, we help you find a rhythm and flow that works for you. It's personal. You get to choose.

This is an experience-based retreat. Giving you the wisdom, tools and frameworks you need to fill your own health and wellbeing cup each day. Something that you can also take back to your family and share with your local community.

The best mentors in my life have shown me where to look, held space, but never told me what to see. Our job is to remind you, connect you & empower you. So that you can embody daily practices and rituals into the context of any life.

Learn ~ Do ~ Feel ~ Embody - Be ~ Share ~ Impact


Our approach.

We inspire a human-centric, natural and energetically spiritual approach to good health and wellbeing. We simply help you tap into the “flow” on your own innate wisdom for healing, regeneration and even optimal performance

In Balinese culture, they use the term “Tri Hita Karana”. It is a traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The literal translation is roughly the "three causes of well-being" or "three reasons for prosperity. This is also found in many other ancient texts.


We start with an inside out approach, recognising that we are feeling beings that think. Not thinking beings that feel. Sometimes we need to empty our health and wellbeing cup, before filling it again. We connect you inwards with yourself, externally with each other and nature, and transcendentally with the universal energy around us. We help you “tune in”


We all know the importance of nature. There is no separation, we are an extension of the natural world. In the same way, this computer or smartphone is too. Just in a different configuration. Nature is our life support system, by feeling more connected to nature, you will feel a deep sense of responsibility for the natural world around you, especially when you go home.


Whether you are a monk seeking inner peace and a state of “no-mind” or whether you are a mother looking to find happiness and peace in your body right now. By connecting you to the abundance of energy available to all of us. This experience will become something spectacular, where the ripple effects of a changed thought might manifest themselves in an instant or in a year's time.


Each year we run 4 experiences in Bali. An energetically powerful island and a place where you will get a feeling for what your ideal lifestyle could truly be like. It will inspire you to take a piece of this energy home with you.

Apply to join us in 2022





WHO will you learn from?

You will be immersed in action-based workshops that help you simply and master your own daily rituals. We have some of the world's leading experts in their field sharing on the array and integration of the 12 medicines In past events, we have hosted workshops by

A snapshot of Mentor's from our last retreat.

  • Michael Klim: A dual Olympic gold medalist who nows lives his ideal day and runs a conscious enterprise. Learn to apply his mindset and rituals to your daily life
  • Joel Brown from addicted2success: A conscious entrepreneur with a platform that has impacted millions. He taught people how to cast a future vision that feels aligned so that they can live into and lean into your passion and purpose every day
  • The unstoppable family: A family that has spent the last decade living outside the box. Lady boss Rhonda and the unstoppable surfer Brian Swan shared their secrets to travelling to every corner of the globe, homeschooling their child Hanalei Swan, as she applies their wisdom into her young life. Without ceilings or boundaries of what she should be. Simply asking, who do you want to be right now?
  • Chef Cynthis Lousie: A game-changing chef that helps day people and families fall in love with their garden, whilst preparing simple low-human interference food for their family. Without all the “isms”. She teaches you how to nourish your body every day.
  • Craig Arnold: Movement specialist and conscious business owner of Core9. Plus many more yogis and even the Nirvana strength team.
  • Fena and her young mostly female, millennial team leading the ROLE (river ocean land ecology) and Baliwise movement to educate women from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Paul Dunn: co-founded a platform B1G1 with over 220 million giving impacts, as he continues to serve his passion and purpose with Masami well into his older age…

The facilitator: (me)

Rory Callaghan is an allied health professional, social entrepreneur and the founder of His vision is to connect people to the solutions they seek so that we can all move up the health & wellbeing spectrum together. Living in the green and the blue zone as we each individually learn how to thrive. He hopes to inspire you to take the SelfCare frameworks, fillyourcup method, processes and learnt rituals back to your everyday life. Inspiring others and creating a ripple effect of change that starts on everyone's front doorstep.

HOW can we help?

During this unique experience, we will explore the 12 medicines of SelfCare You will learn about them, embody morning rituals and choose practices that will ignite your human potential and design a personalised rhythm and flow for your own life and goals.

The method is in 6 steps.

We will do our best to personalise the experience for you, where you are right now, in the context of any life. Reminding us all that we can each be happy, healthy and connected at any moment.  

  1. Assessment - Where are you starting on the integrated health spectrum
  2. Future vision - Meaningful goals linked to your ideal lifestyle
  3. A personalised Plan - Learn how to fill your own health and wellbeing cup every day, to overcome your biggest challenges right now
  4. An inside out approach - More than just your mind or your guts, we go a step further and activate the human potential available in every cell of your body
  5. An outside-in approach - The environments we spend the most time in can enable us, or harm us. We help you choose to live in nourishing environments now and forever.
  6. We encourage simple living, with a light-hearted sense of fun. None of us gets out alive anyway!
  7. Re-assessment in 12 months time - stay connected and grow with us, share your insights with the online free SelfCare community as you lead your own SelfCare revolution.

We help you fill your own health and wellbeing cup each day

WHO is this for?

Here are a handful of amazing souls that would like to share their personal experience with you. We hope it inspires you to join us one day soon!



Every time we host a retreat, we connect you with an immersive local social impact experience.

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai

We believe in an approach that nourishes both Humans and Nature.

From a human standpoint, investing time, energy and resources in women, children and education will result in the biggest return on investment for the world.

Why? For every dollar invested into a woman, over 90% will go back into her family and local community, The secret to changing this world is to empower each individual to tend to their own doorstep, before trying to save the world. If we can help the most marginalized people in the 21st century do this, then the other 5billion of us can all do the same. One woman, one child, one family and one community at a time.

If we all did just this. The ripple effect would pivot the world in a positive direction in this generation. For the benefit of future generations and our collective longevity. Let's go first together!

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