Each year we hold a Lifestyle Medicine Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

WHY: We believe that everybody should have access to the worlds greatest minds. People who have made it their lives work and passion to make the seemingly complex, simple. Our intention is to create a space where we can all learn from each other, elevating and igniting our own unique human potential. So that each of us can return to our families and communities to have a bigger impact.

WHAT:  We host a one-day event in a unique location in Bali. One day we will take this globally to global longevity hotspots, blue zones and communities that need it most.

WHEN: Next date TBC (watch this space), Link will be below

WHO: We invite global mentors, speakers and experts in each of the 12 medicines to share their wisdom, simplicity and strategies to help show you where to look without ever telling you what to see. Their stories are inspiring. Their frameworks are mind-altering and heart-opening. All in all, it's an experience we hope to grow each year and share with more people! We would love your help, support, ideas and inspiring energy too.

APPLY to be a speaker for our next event.

HOW:  Each speaker has to apply and match the vision/values that we all live by. Each of them has 10 minutes to distil their wisdom in simple concepts and frameworks that will ignite and enable your unique human experience. We even invite 2 people from the crowd to have an opportunity to share their unique wisdom and story for the first time. These stories are sometimes the most powerful! We believe in courage before confidence.

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